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When you become a member you will receive a daily 6-8 minute Super Tech video lesson for you and your team. The meeting will be presented by Eric “The Tech Whisperer” Sprague, a John Maxwell Certified Leadership Coach with 20+ years experience running field technicians. 

These lessons help prepare your technicians in the “soft skills” of business that are often stumbling blocks for technicians, such as: 

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Why You Need Super Tech University

"My technicians do a great job, but they create unnecessary problems with customers that I have to deal with all the time!"

If you are an owner of a home service business, you know what we are talking about. Technicians are unable to handle conflict, don't know how to behave in someone's home, and who are only there to do the job and get out, leaving a bad impression on your customers. You're constantly putting out fires, and you're tired.

If you are a technician, you are frustrated because your boss expects you to deliver excellent customer service, but you haven't been provided with the skills you need to succeed. You are uncomfortable and stressed out dealing with customers one-on-one in their home. Your boss is angry, and you hate your boss and your job.

It's a vicious cycle, but there is a simple solution that benefits both owners and technicians – it's a win-win for all. Join Super Tech University today and see the difference it can make for you.

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Develop Super Techs With Just a Few Minutes Each Week!

1. Play the Video

Each video is just 6-8 minutes long and focuses on a specific topic. All you need is a TV, computer, laptop, or even a smartphone to play the daily lessons.

2. Discuss

Take a few minutes to discuss with your team how the lesson affects the tech's day. These discussions give the team a sense of buy-in.

3. See the Rewards

Build awesome company culture, show the techs that you are investing in them, and ultimately, make your life and business better. 


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All you need is a TV, a computer, a laptop, or even a smartphone to play the daily lessons. The system is to show the daily lesson video and then take a few minutes to discuss with your team how the lesson affects the tech's day. These discussions give the team a sense of buy-in: they build awesome company culture, they show the techs that you are investing in them, and ultimately, they make your life and business better. You will actually enjoy going to work again each day.


Technicians learning the “soft skills” of the service business is crucial training. Many technicians are good at the technical side of the business, but lack the skills to make customers really happy and grow your business. Instead of trying to create lessons plans yourself each day, outsourcing these lessons to the pro's will make your team stronger and create more time and less headache for you, the owner.

Eric Sprague is the “Tech Whisperer.” Eric has more than 20 years of experience as both a manager and owner of blue collar service businesses. Eric's strength is training technicians to become more self aware and skilled at subjects such as: how to behave in the home, how to get clients to give 5 Star online reviews, how to create more add-on sales, and the like. Eric is a Certified John Maxwell Leadership Coach, Trainer, and Speaker. Eric's passion is training technicians the soft skills required to be their best out in the field.

Training technicians is an ongoing process.

Much like Tiger Woods needs to practice putting everyday, or Micheal Jordan needed to practice shooting foul shots throughout his entire career. Tech training needs to be done for a few minutes everyday. Often the lessons are repetitive. This is on purpose. The more we drill down on key subjects, the more natural it will seem to the technicians. As to how long it will take, we think it takes most technicians 3-6 months to really start to make big changes and buy in. As an owner, you need to commit to the process of gradual improvement. It is a long term investment in creating the team you always dreamed of when you started your service business.

We have learned (the hard way) that a DAILY meeting is what garners real results over time. There is no hack or shortcut to getting really well trained technicians. These people need DAILY reinforcement of the skills we teach. Doing it everyday shows the technicians that the owners and managers place a high value on the team getting better. The DAILY meeting, although maybe seems like a hassle to the owner will result in a more engaged team, techs that are able to please clients more often, an increase in add-on sales, and lower amounts of customer complaints. We feel that most owners would agree that these benefits are worth 20 minutes per day.

Yes. For an additional fee, Eric provides 1 to 1 coaching for those owners who want to take their business to the next level. Meetings are done via ZOOM and recorded so that the owner can replay the coaching. Eric also does a very limited number of onsite training days per month, where he will visit an company and do staff training and 1 to 1 coaching with the owner. For more information about these services, please message us on our website, or email us at eric@supertechu.com.