​​Thank You Shamrock's Wonderful Clients!

​Eric and Larry would like to thank you for your patronage of Shamrock over the last 12 years.  We appreciate you for being and part of our business family.

​We sold Shamrock in September, and since then Eric and I have created a new business called Morning Tech Meeting.  Morning Tech Meeting is an online membership site dedicated to improving the lives of blue collar service business owners lives.

What is Morning Tech Meeting?  Well, put simply it's a Charm School for Blue Collar Service Techs.  The limiting factor for most blue collar services businesses is the technicians.  Eric trained our techs about the "soft skills" necessary to serve you how you wanted to be served.  He taught them how to communicate effectively, how to prepare for their day, how to behave in your home, etc.  Their confidence expanded as the lessons progressed.  Eric connected and interacted with the techs so well we started calling him The Tech Whisperer. 

​The daily video lesson series is $20 per month.  As a member you get a 5-10 minute video of the Tech Whisperer every week day.  This system transformed Shamrock's culture, and it can transform any business where technicians are sent into homes and businesses.  

We understand that you may have no need for this service.  However, we know many of you may know a business owners who could benefit from this online education.  So, we are asking you to please pass this along to any blue collar businesses you may know.

We also have a weekly podcast dedicated to helping blue collar business owners.  It is called Blue Collar Nation.  You can subscribe on iTunes.  

Please visit morningtechmeeting.com and check us out.  If you have any feedback please reply and let us know.

​Thank you again for all the business over the years.

Have a great day,

Eric and Larry