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You Can Have A Super Team
In Your Company!

For about $5 per day, we will teach your team to be Super Techs!

Who is Super Tech University for?

  • Any service company that needs a better team.

  • An owner that needs a team to care about the business.

  • A team that needs a coach to explain why their job is super important.

What does the membership include? 

  • Daily lessons for the team

  • On-site behavior lessons

  • Self-awareness lessons

  • Sales and Service lessons

  • A review lesson and accountability quiz every Friday

Who are the Instructors?

     Watch the video below.


You had all of these big dreams of how much better your life would be once you started your own business. However, ever since you hired technicians everything got really hard to manage.

Now the fun is gone and your business has become a grind.

Eric and Larry owned a blue collar service business for many years and went through all of the challenges that come with having a group of untrained field technicians. They understand how you get frustrated with call backs, lack of up-sells, breaking clients stuff, bad attitudes, and even guys who quit by text on the morning they decide they are not going to work with you anymore!!! It's so frustrating, but it doesn't have to be this way.

Eric and Larry figured it out and now they have dedicated their lives to helping other blue collar owners figure it out, too.

Why have a daily lessons for your techs?

Each day your techs represent your company on site unsupervised. Do you train them how you expect them to act with your clients, how to communicate the details of the job to your client the way you want? When you train your techs technically do you go over the details and process of handling a challenging client? Do you explain the things that make a good impression and the things that do not, the theater of business?

Can we agree that the interacting skills with your clients are important? I had a cleaning and restoration business for 10 years and I know these soft skills are invaluable. (continue here)


When you become a member you will receive a daily 6-8 minute video broadcast for you and your team. The meeting will be presented by Eric “The Tech Whisperer” Sprague, a John Maxwell Certified Leadership Coach. Each lesson is geared toward businesses that send technicians into homes and businesses to perform work. These lessons help prepare your technicians in the “soft skills” of business that are often stumbling blocks for technicians, such as: communicating with the clientsin-home behaviorhow to properly perform add-on salesthe theater of a service businesshow to get good online reviews, and much more.

Well trained technicians = happy owners

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All you need is a TV, a computer, a laptop, or even a smartphone to play the daily lessons. The system is to show the daily lesson video and then take a few minutes to discuss with your team how the lesson affects the tech's day. These discussions give the team a sense of buy-in: they build awesome company culture, they show the techs that you are investing in them, and ultimately, they make your life and business better. You will actually enjoy going to work again each day.

For about $5 per day and let The Tech Whisperer teach your techs to be Super Techs!

Our Story - Please watch

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"We are becoming one of your fellas biggest fans! Since we have signed up we have not missed a lesson. I set them up, prep the evening before, have the emails sent out and lead a short discussion after the lesson. It's a great start to everyone's day."

Why Eric and Larry started Super Tech University

Eric and Larry started creating lessons years ago in their restoration and carpet cleaning blue collar company. They went over current problems the techs where having and Eric presented “why” the problems should be avoided. These daily 5 minute lessons followed by a short 5 minute group discussion got the team involved and engaged.

The results were amazing. The call backs went down by 20%, the amount of accidents went down by hundreds of dollars monthly, and the complaints were reduced substantially. The amount of online positive reviews went up 10 per month, the repeat calls went up 20%, the referrals went up 25%. This did not happen overnight but the wait was worth the reward. Explaining the “why” consistently worked!

Then, when the team was doing great, Larry decided to stop the lessons because, “the techs knew what to do. There was a cost involved in the lessons!” Well that did not work because the problems returned, fast. A mutiny happened. The techs enjoyed the lessons, and the rhythm they created. The lessons created culture!!

The lessons created a happy team.  The techs talked about the lessons during the day, they were learning and liked it!  Morale increased, turnover decreased and the techs enjoyed coming to work! Eric and Larry enjoyed coming to work too!!

Eric and Larry sold their service business and realized these daily lessons were the game changer in their success. Utilizing the Super Tech University system consistently in your service companies will create the same results for you.

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