The 7-Power Contractor® Signature 

Operating Manuals System 

Standard Operating Procedure Manuals
for Contracting Businesses

What if I told you there is a system that when implemented properly can address all of the above and more?

A system that would allow you to...

Get everyone on the same page: Get your employees all doing the same thing the same way, improving performance and leading to more glowing customer reviews and referrals.

Find good people: You’re never going to meet your staffing needs if all you are doing is hiring “experienced” people and hoping they’re good. Manuals give you the power to find willing people and grow them into as many great employees as you want.

Recover precious family time: If your business is dysfunctional, you’ll never be able to make time to attend your kids' sports and dance events. Imagine going to an event without your phone blowing up with texts and phone calls during that precious family time.

Become the employer of choice: Lay out a clear career path for your employees so hopefully one of them will eventually rise up through the ranks and take your seat. This is the best way to end the cycle of good or great staff leaving you for your competition.

Create a profitable company: Create a company that runs so well that you’re leveraging all your opportunities—phone calls, dispatching, and running calls to maximize sales without having to constantly run callbacks.

Take control of your business: Either get a foundation under your fast growing business that is driving you crazy or figure out how to bring others on board so you can finally grow in a sane way.